Airport Sunset

Image 4-10-17 at 6.02 PMDefinitely one of my favorite pictures. While waiting at the airport in Florida I saw this beautiful sunset!


FiRsT tImE oN a CrUiSe!

This has been one memorable experience! I have never been on a cruise before not have I been to the Bahamas. This was one of my favorite family trips! The food was delightful, the weather was perfect, got a bit sunburnt, and many laughs to go around. I am so thankful to experience a trip to the Bahamas- with family!
Image 4-3-17 at 3.37 PM

Sunset at Panama City Beach

Image 3-20-17 at 8.13 AMSunsets are so breathtaking. Each sunset is unique, not one being the same as the other. That it is why they are so addicting to me. I mean honestly what can get better than watching the sunset right on the beach. Moments like these give me such good vibes. The day comes to end to continue onto another day, another adventure. It is the simple moments like these that I hold closely.

SpRiNg BrAeK!!!

Hey Everyone! Haven’t posted in a while. This past week was spring break! Despite the weather being a bit chilly there was still plenty to do. For part of my break I went to Panama City Beach. Many places to explore.. thanks Panama City Beach for a great time!
Image 3-20-17 at 8.15 AM