Module- Domain Hosting & Registration

Hey everyone- hope all is well. As of last week we discussed about online privacy and how everything doesn’t seem as private as may it seem on the internet, which I think ties into what we had to read for this week.

When thinking of a name for a website where do you even begin? For class we had to come up of a few domain names that we wanted our website name to be and look in WHOIS database to see if the domain name was already taken. The domain name that I want for my website, k.kiminskisscenicroute, is not used and is available for $12.99. This is the one domain name that I would like purchasing.

As of right now I will not be buying myself a domain name, but who knows maybe in the future I will buy a domain name for anything business related or for my personal use.  I currently do not have purpose for such a purchase. It is not that it is a bad idea, its just that I don’t have the money for it.

I use wordpress which is free and easy to use, so right now I will just use wordpress and weebly or any other free services. If I get into anything more serious I will purchase a domain name either for myself or for business related.


Module #9

Hey everyone!

For our module we had another reading assignment. For our assignment we read websites discussing how everything associated with social media can be traced back to the very individual who posted it. In that case, it can be a very good thing or in other cases- a bad one. Just because someone has their Facebook, Instagram, or any other type of social media account set to private does not mean it necessarily is.

What I post on social media or online has a huge impact on what I decide to do for a communication profession- in the near future. I’m always cautious about what I post on my social media. Every time I post something, I always ask myself, “Is this something others are going to view as a positive or negative” or ” is what I said representing me as a positive individual?”

From one website, it mentioned, “If you don’t want something causing you embarrassment in the future, then it’s a very good idea to be careful about how you represent yourself on social media” (PC Advisor: “Manage your digital footprint: what does your internet profile say about you?”).

Today, in our generation, social media is entirely new. The internet will change how we view privacy, affecting demorcatic society. In past years, people did not have to worry about their twitter comments coming back years later to haunt them. It is said, “Society has never been in a position before where our thoughts and beliefs are matters of public record, easily found and collated with the most basic search tools” ((PC Advisor: “Manage your digital footprint: what does your internet profile say about you?”).

Think twice before you post!

Module #8

Hello again everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. So for our class module assignment we had to some reading assignments.

For one our reading assignments we had to read, (Web Design Training: The Top 22 Online Resources) which discussed about top web design training out there. The one I found to be the most useful is W3Schools. For tutorials or learning how to doing something I like videos to be short, straight to the point and easy to understand, which the same with reading. From the reading assignment the source said, “If you’re looking to start from the beginning with the most basic lessons in HTML and CSS, the site offers a steady progression of interactive tutorials that explains everything in plain and simple language and, more importantly, lets you play with markup live on the site” (Web Design Training: The Top 22 Online Resources).

Also we were asked for opinion if CA 260 would be totally different if taught online. I think it would be different and may be a bit difficult if trying to learn the basics of online coding. Yet, to be honest, I like online classes. I have taken a couple in the past at south and even though they were tough I still learned a lot. As long as I stayed on top of the reading assignment and homework it was not that bad. Online classes takes commitment and discipline, there are positives taking online classes. You have more time and more wiggle room to do assignments and reading on our own time.

Module #7

Hey everyone!! It has been a while since I posted a module. So as school starts back up again after a memorable spring break, our CA 260 class was required to read articles discussing Content Management Systems (CMS). Content Management Systems is a software that enables users to easily construct and manage digital content. The three commonly used CMSes – Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

After reading Twari’s article, “3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared” about the comparison of the top CMSes I would recommend WordPress. A CMS like WordPress is very simple to use and has a lot offer.

One of the most important details is the simplicity of a CMS platform. People want something that is fast to install and easy to use without having to be some sort of tech wizard. WordPress has made a name of  its self for being efficient. Tiwari mentioned, “The interface is minimal and uses easy to understand language which makes a difference, especially to novices”(3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared). In Twari’s article, he also compares the CMSes plugin and theme availabilities, WordPress being the top,”With 2176 themes and 28593 plugins available on the official website, it quite clearly shows the might of the community behind WordPress” (3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared).

Another bonus for using WordPress is, “You are also free to do whatever you like with the WordPress code, extend it or modify in any way or use it for commercial projects without any licensing fees” (

As being a user of WordPress,  I have nothing but good things to say. The whole purpose of the internet is to engage with others and WordPress is superb in doing so. The availability to comment on others posts, easy upgrades, management tools, and flexibility has definitely shown me why WordPress is one of the top CMSes out there.

Module #6

Hello, hello!

For this week’s module we had to read about filming and putting videos for our very own website. Some of our reading assignments for class I have listed below:


From reading about the techniques on how to make my own website more interesting, I did not realize the importance or even as simple as a short video on my website can increase the amount of time and people visiting my website. One website mentioned, “In fact, on average, people stay on sites with videos two minutes longer than they do on sites without them” (

Some other useful tips that ( mentioned is:

  1. Make sure your website has a purpose when having a video
  2. Have the video short and straight to the point
  3. Turn off auto-play

Out of the three, number two made a lot of sense to me. Me personally do not like to watch long videos. I really enjoy have videos being simple and get to the point and not drag on and on. So this can be very helpful for me when I have a video on my website. I need to stand out and highlight the most essential things that I want my viewers to remember.

In making videos it is important to have the right equipment like:

As stated, “As a film student, the basic features you should look for, even in an inexpensive camcorder are Full HD, a tripod mount and manual controls” (

Also, “External mics dramatically improve your ability to capture video that doesn’t sound like a home movie, and for more professional results, camcorder XLR adapters easily connect XLR mics to 3.5mm mic inputs (


Module #4

This week for class, we had to sketch what we want our Weebly website to look like. For me my biggest problem is that I keep changing my ideas on how I want my website to look. There is just so many ways to present a website and having to decide on that can be difficult.

With that said, we also had to read an article ( that gave useful tips pertaining to the organization of web designing. I thought the article got straight to point and easy to follow. Some of the useful tips from the article were:

  1. Have website organized like a restaurant menu.
  2. Do not list every service on one page.
  3. Main menu- describe purpose of site
  4. Three common pages- Home page, Tips, About Page
  5. Have many landing pages



Module #3

This week we had to create a website from Weebly. How exciting right? Weebly allows to make a website for free.

For my website, I am going to display scenic pictures  and images of my adventures. I love to go for walks and going out and seeing things. In doing so, I like to take a lot of pictures. Im not saying I’m no photographer nor do I want to be one, but I enjoy taking in the moment and taking pictures to look back at memories.

So for making our very own website, Weebly instruction were helpful with setting up the steps and features to make the website. For my theme, I chose the Darin Smalls- Birdseye, I like how the very first thing you see is a image. Since my website is going to have a lot of images this will be a good theme to use.

For instructions on how to work with Weebly, the links are listed below: