Hello, Hello! It is another day, another week. Finals week is fast approaching!

For class this week we had to read about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I did not realize how often SEO is used nor the importance it has for companies’ website and web designers. SEO is the process of web designing and creating key terms that would be easily found while searching for a certain website or site page using a search engine.

For your website you want to have key words that will make it easier and faster for an user trying view your site . One of the reading we had assigned was (Infographic: Five SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master), which I thought informed me a lot with just 5 SEO strategies Below, are so tips from within the 5 strategies that I found to be helpful.


  1. Create authoritative content people want to read & share
  2. Tell search engine which page is preferred (in case of duplicates)
  3. Examine competitor backlinks
  4. Influence page ranke
  5. Since HTML code for the page serves desktop & mobile


  1. Article marketing
  2. Exact match anchor text
  3. Exit domain name
  4. Sidebar & footer links
  5. Links in widgets

To find more useful tips go to (Infographic: Five SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master)

By reading the articles, for my website I will make it easy to navigate so my users can find what they are looking quickly and easily. I do not want to have my website difficult to search through, so I don’t lose users that view my site. With that said, reading about SEO, I plan on having my site organized and easy to follow.


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