Hey everyone- hope all is well. As of last week we discussed about online privacy and how everything doesn’t seem as private as may it seem on the internet, which I think ties into what we had to read for this week.

When thinking of a name for a website where do you even begin? For class we had to come up of a few domain names that we wanted our website name to be and look in WHOIS database to see if the domain name was already taken. The domain name that I want for my website, k.kiminskisscenicroute, is not used and is available for $12.99. This is the one domain name that I would like purchasing.

As of right now I will not be buying myself a domain name, but who knows maybe in the future I will buy a domain name for anything business related or for my personal use.  I currently do not have purpose for such a purchase. It is not that it is a bad idea, its just that I don’t have the money for it.

I use wordpress which is free and easy to use, so right now I will just use wordpress and weebly or any other free services. If I get into anything more serious I will purchase a domain name either for myself or for business related.


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