Hey everyone!

For our module we had another reading assignment. For our assignment we read websites discussing how everything associated with social media can be traced back to the very individual who posted it. In that case, it can be a very good thing or in other cases- a bad one. Just because someone has their Facebook, Instagram, or any other type of social media account set to private does not mean it necessarily is.

What I post on social media or online has a huge impact on what I decide to do for a communication profession- in the near future. I’m always cautious about what I post on my social media. Every time I post something, I always ask myself, “Is this something others are going to view as a positive or negative” or ” is what I said representing me as a positive individual?”

From one website, it mentioned, “If you don’t want something causing you embarrassment in the future, then it’s a very good idea to be careful about how you represent yourself on social media” (PC Advisor: “Manage your digital footprint: what does your internet profile say about you?”).

Today, in our generation, social media is entirely new. The internet will change how we view privacy, affecting demorcatic society. In past years, people did not have to worry about their twitter comments coming back years later to haunt them. It is said, “Society has never been in a position before where our thoughts and beliefs are matters of public record, easily found and collated with the most basic search tools” ((PC Advisor: “Manage your digital footprint: what does your internet profile say about you?”).

Think twice before you post!


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