Hey everyone!! It has been a while since I posted a module. So as school starts back up again after a memorable spring break, our CA 260 class was required to read articles discussing Content Management Systems (CMS). Content Management Systems is a software that enables users to easily construct and manage digital content. The three commonly used CMSes – Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

After reading Twari’s article, “3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared” about the comparison of the top CMSes I would recommend WordPress. A CMS like WordPress is very simple to use and has a lot offer.

One of the most important details is the simplicity of a CMS platform. People want something that is fast to install and easy to use without having to be some sort of tech wizard. WordPress has made a name of  its self for being efficient. Tiwari mentioned, “The interface is minimal and uses easy to understand language which makes a difference, especially to novices”(3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared). In Twari’s article, he also compares the CMSes plugin and theme availabilities, WordPress being the top,”With 2176 themes and 28593 plugins available on the official website, it quite clearly shows the might of the community behind WordPress” (3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared).

Another bonus for using WordPress is, “You are also free to do whatever you like with the WordPress code, extend it or modify in any way or use it for commercial projects without any licensing fees” (https://wordpress.org/about/features/).

As being a user of WordPress,  I have nothing but good things to say. The whole purpose of the internet is to engage with others and WordPress is superb in doing so. The availability to comment on others posts, easy upgrades, management tools, and flexibility has definitely shown me why WordPress is one of the top CMSes out there.


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