For our Digital Writing and Production class we had to read two articles pertaining to blogging. For one of the articles ( it gave information regarding effective techniques on “dos and don’ts” for blogging. I found it to be very useful and for most of them to be common sense. One of the “dos” was to include images. I agree 100% with including photos in blog posts. Like for real, for real how boring would it be to read a blog that interests you but have no photo to support it? BORING!!

For one of the “don’ts” that I found to be useful is don’t avoid trying new things. I know most people can agree with trying out new things. Well for me personally, blogging is definitely a new gig and I’m not sure what I am doing half the time with this kind of thing, but I am rolling with it. Hopefully by the end of this class I will know how to have my personal blog of my “sunset” image be viewable instead of a link.. hahaha!

Another great article about tips on blogging and worth the read is ( The biggest one that caught my eye, was making sure to create an outline to avoid getting off topic on your blog post, which is easy to do especially for me. I will definitely start using outlines after this week to improve my blogging and it will be useful for my career in the future. Another useful tip, was to keep sentences straight to point and to avoid long paragraphs.

Well I reached the word count that I needed. Yes, finally! Have a nice day y’all!


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