Hi everyone, my name is Kailee! I am a sophomore at University of South Alabama where I run track and cross country and plan on  pursuing a major in communications and minor general management. I am originally from the Midwest region. I live in the state that is known for 10,000 lakes and the great sport of hockey… Hello Minnesota! I grew up living in a small town where everyone knows everyone and where I fell in love with the outdoors- cliff jumping, jet skiing, hunting and fishing- to name a few. Coffee is my life and I love camping. Summer is my favorite season and winter being my second. I must add, if you ever plan on visiting Minnesota it is not very uncommon to experience temperatures below zero during the frigid winters. Once I moved to Alabama, people asked, why move all the way to the south? Well, I moved to South to experience something different other than the “Minnesota Nice” culture and I have to say, the Southern states are very welcoming with their Southern hospitality. Not to mention, I love seafood and sweet tea!!

One of the classes at South Alabama that I am currently taking, CA 260 Digital Writing and Production, is having us create a blog. A blog is another way to communicate with others and share information. I never kept up with any blogs let alone make my own. This is beneficial for me as a communication major. Since my major requires involvement with others, a blog is just another way to expand my horizons and be able to communicate effectively online.

While creating my blog, it was kind of intimidating with everything that WordPress had on its site. Luckily, this website (https://en.support.wordpress.com/five-step-blog-setup/) helped me get a better understanding of the basics on how to create a blog. This is all very new to me and I am very excited to try something new!


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